Stop Waiting 30-90 Days for Payments

Turn Your Invoices into Working Capital and

Immediately Improve Your Cash Flow

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We believe in complete transparency throughout the funding process, and we take pride in steering our clients towards the healthiest and most responsible commercial financing solutions.



We leverage our large network

of factoring companies to provide businesses with the largest selection of financing options. Our goal is to secure the lowest possible rates

and best terms available. 


We pride ourselves on knowing all the top lenders in the invoice factoring market at senior levels. We will carefully assess your needs and connect you to the right provider and the right product.

Does Your Business Need More

Money to Continue Growing?

We enable businesses experiencing growth to quickly access the cash tied up in their accounts receivable.

Factoring provides businesses with cash for their invoices when a service is completed, instead of waiting 30, 60, or 90 days to be paid. When our client sends an invoice to their customer, they are advanced 80-90% of the value of that invoice the same day. When their customer pays that invoice, they are rebated the remaining balance reserve minus a fee. 

Benefits of Invoice Factoring

Turn your invoices into instant operating cash​

Receive cash within hours of issuing an invoice

Improve your credit rating by paying your bills sooner

Meet your payroll and tax payment obligations

Take advantage of vendor discounts and bulk purchases

Your credit line grows automatically as your sales grow

The ability to purchase additional inventory or equipment

Take on new contracts, jobs, and opportunities

Increase sales and profit

Is Accounts Receivable Factoring Right For You?

Are you waiting to get paid?​

Could you use the cash that is tied up in your invoices?

Are you passing up new opportunities because of the

lack of capital to grow?

Is your credit less than perfect?

Is your bank refusing to increase your credit line?

Did the bank turn you down?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, accounts receivable factoring could be the right financing option for you.

Who We Help

From manufacturers and distributors to contractors and oilfield truckers, Webb Capital & Consulting has helped hundreds of businesses improve cash flow and increase revenues. Our receivables factoring programs offer capital solutions to businesses with good, average, and challenged credit. Here are just a few of the industries we support.






















What our clients say about us

"I will recommend you to anyone I know, you have been extremely helpful, professional and moved quickly."

Tom T.   Packaging Company in Texas

"Thank you for the amazing service and delivering on what was agreed on. Will definitely do business with you again."

Jose S.    Framing Contractor in Florida

"You did what everyone else said they could do, but couldn't actually do."

George M.    Seafood Distributor in North Carolina

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