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The focus and purpose of Webb Capital & Consulting is arranging financing for those real estate investors that the banks left behind. We add value for our clients by removing the time, energy, and guesswork out of getting deals funded.

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We believe in complete transparency throughout the funding process, and we take pride in steering our clients towards the healthiest and most responsible real estate financing solutions.



We leverage our large network

of hard money lenders to provide investors with the largest selection of financing options. Our goal is to secure the lowest possible rates

and best terms available. 


Sometimes obtaining capital depends strictly on sheer persistence. One of our strengths

is that we will continue to help you secure financing, even if your initial sources didn't work out.

Loan Programs

We offer dependable private money brokerage services for residential and commercial real estate investors. We have access to dozens of lenders nationwide and millions of investment dollars that are ready to be distributed for real estate deals. We ​closely guide borrowers seeking hard money in the most convenient, cost effective and expeditious manner possible.

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Cash Out Refinance

Think of us as your partner

Dave Webb is the President of Webb Capital & Consulting. With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, he has dedicated his professional life to helping investors and businesses make the correct financial decisions.​ 

Dave is considered by many to be an expert in deal structure and creative financing options that are not obvious to most. He specializes in understanding the credit markets as a whole to include private money and alternative lending resources. He is committed to ensuring that real estate investors have the best possible access to the capital they need to help grow and manage their businesses. 

Dave Webb


How it Works

High Quality Lending Partners

We only work with lenders that

we have vetted as being well-capitalized and reputable.

More Options

We offer a broad portfolio of financial products to provide the capital our clients need. 

Competitive Terms

Multiple lenders means we are able to secure the lowest possible rates and best terms available.

Finding real estate financing on your own can be an exhaustive process. We provide consultative brokerage services to investors in need of immediate financing. By taking advantage of our numerous lending relationships with several direct hard money lenders, you will save considerable time and effort. 


Working together, we can help your business thrive and prosper.  Integrity, honesty, hard work and attention to detail are what we give to each and every client and business partner. We have the resources to educate new investors and the track record to reassure industry veterans.  Work with us and get great loans for great deals.

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