Real Estate Loans

Fix & Flip Loans

Looking to purchase and renovate a property? We partner with lenders that can fund your next project. The process can be fast and easy.

  • Put down as little as 10% of the purchase price

  • Borrow 100% of your rehab and construction costs

  • Take advantage of our fast and flexible approval process

  • Funding for single-family, condos, and multi-unit properties considered

  • Rates starting from 7% – funding in 7-10 days

Residential Construction Loans

Are you a developer or builder looking to boost your business and income? 

  • Borrow up to 50% of the lot value plus 100% of construction costs

  • Single-unit project funding and multi-unit project funding considered; in-fill and established neighborhoods preferred

  • Rates starting from 10% and funding in 10-15 days

  • Property must be owned by the investor or builder; cannot be owner-occupied for residential construction loans

Commercial Program

Secured short-term bridge loan ​for owners of commercial property. Also provide short-term acquisition funding for investors waiting for long-term bank financing.

  • Max LTV (of ARV): 60%

  • Advance at Closing: 60%

  • LTC Limit: 80%

Multi-Unit New Construction

Funding of 50% of the land acquisition and site development costs​ plus up to 100% of vertical build costs. Great for builders of small subdivisions, townhomes, or other multi-unit new construction.

  • Max LTV (of ARV): 65%

  • Advance at Closing: 50%

  • LTC Limit: 85%

Our Borrowers:  Property Investors and Developers (LLCs and Corporations)

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