The focus and purpose of Webb Capital & Consulting is arranging financing for businesses. We add value for clients by removing the time, energy, and guesswork out

of securing working capital. 



We leverage our large network

of commercial lenders to provide businesses with the largest selection of financing options. Our goal is to secure the lowest possible rates

and best terms available. 


Sometimes obtaining capital depends strictly on sheer persistence. One of our strengths

is that we will continue to help you secure financing, even if your initial sources didn't work out.

How it Works

High Quality Lending Partners

We only work with lenders that

we have vetted as being well-capitalized, transparent, and reputable.

No Junk Fees

Our  lending partners compensate us on all successful fundings, so there is no

out-of-pocket cost to use our services.

Lowest Rates

Multiple lenders means we are able to secure the lowest possible rates and best terms available.


Dave Webb is the President of Webb Capital & Consulting. With 25 years of experience in the financial industry, he has dedicated his professional life to helping individuals and businesses make the correct financial decisions.​ 

Dave is considered by many to be an expert in deal structure and creative financing options that are not obvious to most. He specializes in understanding the credit markets as a whole to include banks, credit unions, private money, and alternative lending resources, so that he can add value to businesses by removing the time, energy, and guesswork out of securing working capital. 

Dave Webb


What our clients say about us

"Dave, I will recommend you to anyone I know, you have been extremely helpful, professional and moved quickly."

Tom T.   Packaging Company in Texas

"Thank you for the amazing service and delivering on what was agreed on. Will definitely do business with you again."

John S.    Framing Contractor in Florida

"You did what everyone else said they could do, but couldn't actually do."

George M.    Seafood Restaurant in North Carolina

Recent Fundings


$150,000 Line of Credit

Temporary Staffing

$250,000 Factoring Line


Masonry Contractor

$60,000 Line of Credit

Underground Utilities

$460,000 Business Loan

Restaurant Franchise

$125,000 Business Loan

Technology Consultant

$50,000 Line of Credit


Commercial Janitorial

$20,000 Business Loan

Remodeling Contractor

$250,000 Fix/Flip Loan


$150,000 Line of Credit


$75,000 Business Loan


Nail Salon

$35,000 Business Loan

Commercial Printer

$325,000 Factoring Line

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