Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with Webb Capital & Consulting?

Finding business financing on your own can be an exhaustive process. We provide consultative brokerage services to small businesses in need of immediate financing. By taking advantage of our numerous lending relationships with several direct lending firms, you will save considerable time and effort. We have ability to provide an array of business financing options that will give you the best opportunity to secure the best possible rates and terms available. 

What does my business need to qualify?

Different financing programs have different qualifications. We help businesses in a variety of industries, and work with clients that have good, average, and challenged credit. However, our most basic requirements to be considered for funding include:

  • In business for at least 1 year

  • Generating a minimum gross sales of $20,000 per month

  • Credit score of at least 540

  • Based in the United States

Will my business get a lower rate if we work with your firm?

In most cases, yes. If you went straight to one lender, you’d be stuck with whatever interest rate or terms they offer. Utilizing our vast network of lending sources will result in a variety of rates and terms in which to choose from.

Are there restrictions on the use of the funds?

No, unlike traditional banks, there is no requirement for you to document how the funding is used. This is unrestricted working capital for your business. You have the freedom to use the additional working capital for almost any business related need. Many of customers decide to:

What are your fees?


Most of the time, we do not charge you anything out-of-pocket, we are paid a referral fee from the lenders within our network. There are certain working capital programs in which we will be charge a success fee of 1-3% of the financing amount. We don’t get paid until we finance your business. 

I already have other financing. Can you replace that arrangement and offer me more money?

Contact us to find out specifically how much we can offer you. We often offer larger loans and financing facilities than our competitors and can pay off your existing debt if it is in your best interest. Call us today to find out how much you are qualified to receive.

What if I was recently turned down for funding?

Sometimes obtaining capital depends strictly on sheer persistence. One of our strengths is that we will continue to help you secure capital, even if your initial sources didn't work out.

What types of businesses and industries do you help?

We work with every and all types of industries. Small businesses work with Webb Capital & Consulting to handle their financing needs because we take the time, energy, and guesswork out of securing working capital.

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